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Running is more than tucking shoes on feet and jogging, fact; it covers a lot of techniques and data analysis to perform smooth run with fewer injuries to build an elite athlete. I believe ANYBODY CAN ENJOY RUN with a better understanding of running sport. Feel free to access content and address any concerns, ideas and suggestion using our form. We love to hear all your comments and feedback at the extreme.RUN

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Endurance running is quality time, where we think legs are giving out, but the truth is head is giving up, the point is to run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first. And it is a good practice not run to add years to our lives but to enjoy the run-sport. Passion never excuses whether it is a busy, rainy or sunny day as it is all about, I’ve got to run today.

Run the mile you are in.
Refuse to Lose.
Just do it.

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